Operation Rocket 5.0





Date: Saturday 10th of December 2016
Time: 7:00 PM AEST (GMT + 10)
Server: Pipsi Server #3 ( Will be renamed to EVENT SERVER )

A military helicopter carrying vital information regarding the outbreak and possible cure for the zombie infection has crash landed in the vast wasteland forests of Chernarus. An emergency broadcast was made seconds before crashing, containing the grid reference of its location. The helicopter was headed to the Rocket Corporation HQ, the origin of the Zombie infection. It is suspected they had on board a possible cure for the outbreak, however their intent was to strengthen the virus.The elite task force that was on board the helicopter will be carrying the information from its downed location to Rocket Corporation HQ. It is your job to intercept and kill them, and deliver the possible cure to the medical quarantine zone, fending off any other groups that may try to get in your way.

●General game and server rules apply
●No Hacking / Cheating / Exploiting / Ghosting / Combat logging
●Do not attempt to kill the referee admin who is to receive the package (they will be dressed in red and at the drop off location)
●First person Only Event!
●Participating squad member limit: 4
●Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of or gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be dealt with accordingly. (Public spanking)
●Remember that in order to participate in the event you must be on the Pipsi teamspeak server.
●Your Teamspeak name must be the same as your DayZ name, otherwise you will be kicked to make room for more players.