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Evening Survivors,

We’ve all experienced a lot of server crashes over the last two weeks, so Peter and Mirek are providing an update on how we want to handle them. Additionally, Brian is talking about known issues, Adam is sharing some of his recent passion for Chernarus railways and I have the pleasure of introducing you to DannyBoyy, a truly, truly friendly survivor!

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Dev Update/Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

The last few weeks for us on the dev team have been busy. With the bulk of the team working on the Beta milestone, a smaller strike team working on 0.62, and of course ongoing efforts to address critical issues in 0.61 Stable and reintroduce vehicles to Stable branch. As soon as we have our 0.62 branch at a point we’re comfortable with, we’ll be sharing more example images and camera fly overs – so be on the look out for that. On the more immediate side we have a list of issues that we’re fully aware of on 0.61 Stable that we’re working hard to resolve. (Its important to make sure you guys know this is on our radar, so you don’t think we’re overlooking the issues critical to you all).

Stable Issues:

  • Known server crash methods
  • Known duplication methods
  • Investigation into current security exploits (Player Gear, etc)
  • Server Performance degradation (This one impacts things such as player position sync, infected speed, and more)
  • Server Side Economy cleanup (And potential impact on server performance)


A lot of the issues listed above are directly related to issues we’ve noticed reported in the forums, feedback tracker, on youtube videos, and on Twitch streams and are a priority for us to address. Given that some of them are tied to legacy systems – many of which are slated to be replaced in beta – addressing the issues can be time consuming, but rest assured we are digging into them and they are not over looked.

In addition to this, there has been a good amount of discussion (and feedback tracker usage on this issue again – awesome!) in regards to the distribution in the economy, and some behaviors that don’t fit with the development teams intended design. Specifically, the distribution of firearms, and their attachments across Chernarus after a decent amount of uptime on a servers local storage. The Central Economy (CE) is certainly not where we as developers want it just yet, but iteration is key with this. The designers and programmers that touch on these areas have been working on potential improvements to the economy that should help address this issue specifically – but like anything with a complex system it will require iteration over several builds to see. This isn’t live on Experimental just yet – but we’ll make sure to let you all know on the forums when these new changes make it that way. 
For those curious – the current ticket on the feedback tracker related to the CE loot spawning system can be found at:

I know this Status Report isn’t chock full of fancy new screenshots or videos – but we’re currently at the point in the build process where branches, and high risk commits occur. As we get further into 0.62 and Beta development and things stabilize we’ll be able to share more. 🙂

– Brian Hicks / Creative Director

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