DayZ Military Camp update

map-new-camps-061Today DayZ SA had a massive map update. Since patch 0.61 hit experimental the updates have been multiple. Some even daily. Today, wednesday the end of november 2016 we saw a big update on the military camps. The famous Myshkino military camp on the west side of the map got a big overhaul and became considerably smaller. The North West airfield military tents got the same treatment. Both smaller, but with a very good result. More atmosphere, more detail.

Besides these well known big military camps we got a total of 10 new smaller military camps across the map. Some on already well known military locations such as Tisy and Kamensk but the others on pristine new location like west of Kamenka on the coast or near the Topolka dam north of Elektro.
The places or areas where these camps can be found are:

  • West of Kamenka
  • West of Lopatino
  • Tisy military camp
  • Kamensk military camp
  • South of Turovo
  • East of Gvozdno
  • East of Gorka
  • North of Staroye
  • Topolka dam

The map shows the exact locations of the various camps. 
And big thanks to hwk for uploading the news to DAYZTV website.