DayZ 2016 review

by Baty Alquawen – DayZ Community Manager / Bohemia Interactive

Greetings Survivors,

As we wrap up 2016, we’d like to take a moment and look back on what has been done so far, and what is to come. 2016 has been a pivotal year for DayZ development, both on the public Steam branches, and internally. For those who haven’t followed development closely, lets start with the changes that have made it to Steam this year.

New renderer

New renderer

Anticipated for a long time coming, 2016 saw the introduction of the new renderer for DayZ onto Steam’s stable branch. An ongoing task throughout DayZ’s development, this update to the engine powering DayZ was one of the most complex changes for the development team. The legacy renderer was originally intertwined with the engine side simulation going back to the earliest dayz of Real Virtuality. Seperating this, ensuring that no core systems or mechanics were broken, and introducing the new renderer technology to DayZ while ensuring a 1:1 visual fidelity was the base goal for introducing this to Steam. With the addition of volumetric fog, and the massive improvements to client frame rate the whole team was elated. 2016 took that one step farther with .61 tackling the issue of dynamic lighting and shadows, finally removing the thorn in the side of night time gameplay by preventing light sources from ignoring structure geometry, players, and so much more. Add into this dynamic lighting changes to .61, and light sources such as camp fires, flares, and more finally became viable for night time survival.

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