Tisy ramps

Ever wondered what the ramps are which you can find on Tisy military camp?
The ramps are for the strategic missile system S-200 surface-to-air missile system. NATO designated it as the SA-5 Gammon. It comprised of the S-200 Vega missile and would sit on a launcher on the ground. The radar system would stand on the ramp and could look up to 150 miles with it’s elevated position. At least this was the case for the site in the Czech Republic.

During the Bush administration these ramps where destined to have new NATO related radar systems with missiles stationed in Poland. But the Obama administration proposed a new plan where the Czech Republic voted against.
The current site near Kytin is still property of the Czech Republic Defence Forces.

If you want to know what it feels like as a pilot to defend against an incomming Ground to air missile, check out the following video of a US F-16 pilot defending agains 6 incomming SA-2 missiles shot at him when he came of his target during Desert Storm. The mentioned SA-5 above is a long range missile as to the SA-2 being short range.